Closer to the viewers! RLIVE TV was included in the National Multiplex

RLIVE TV was included by the Audiovisual Council (CA) in the National Multiplex. The decision was taken by the CA members on March 3rd.

In the competition for the use of available slots in the national Multiplex A, eight files were submitted from seven media service providers, with only five slots available. When selecting the winning providers, the weight of local programs, Romanian language programs, the diversity of local programs, and the number of sanctions from the last six months were taken into account.

CA decided to award the 5 slots available in the national Multiplex A to the following media service providers: RLIVE TV, Axial TV, Bucuioc TV, Mega TV, and Cotidianul TV.

RLIVE TV is a new concept of modern and original television, based on graphics and visuals, a transposition of online to TV, aimed at people who watch TV during the day, at the office, or at home. The channel has been included by CA in the Must Carry list, which ensures mandatory distribution by all cable and IPTV networks. Coverage per country is 84% of total TV subscribers.

The basic content is represented by the live broadcasts of the most important social, economic, cultural, and political events in the country, conferences, and meetings, with news bulletins at the end of each hour, fillers, and informative and educational columns for various ages and fields of interest.


RLIVE TV is present online, on the websites,,,,,,,,, ,,,, in a convenient widget, on the main and news pages, and the shows and news can also be followed on the most popular social media platforms in Moldova: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Linkedin, TikTok, etc.

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