Deforestation Woes: Republic of Moldova at High Risk of Climate Change, Warns Petru Vinari

The irresponsible coordination of forest resources in recent years has left a drastic impact on the environment, contributing to its pollution. At the same time, due to the low level of afforestation, the Republic of Moldova faces a high vulnerability status, resulting from climate change compared to European states, experts say, as reported by

“Due to the low level of afforestation in the country, the Republic of Moldova is much more vulnerable to climate change,” stated Petru Vinari, representative of the Ecological Society “Biotica”.

He declared during a program that green areas are filled with waste, both due to inadequate waste management infrastructure and the irresponsible attitude of citizens towards the environment.

“First and foremost, we are one of the most deforested countries in Europe, which makes us much more vulnerable to climate change than others. Moreover, widespread poverty among the population increases our responsibility for greater pollution compared to other countries due to a lack of education and necessary infrastructure. Unfortunately, our landscapes and national territory are heavily invaded by waste,” explained Petru Vinari.


Over the years, improper management of forest resources has been recorded, and it affects citizens and contributes to air pollution.

“Until 2022, there were numerous illegal logging cases. In most situations, they were not properly planned. The level of logging was much higher compared to the growth potential of planted forests. Starting from August 2021, we have attempted to balance this situation, but we faced many disputes. We hope that in 2023, the energy crisis will not put such immense pressure on timber,” stated Petru Vinari.

Currently, afforested areas in the Republic of Moldova cover only 11% of the country’s territory, while in the European Union, this percentage is 37.7%.

According to the national program for the expansion and rehabilitation of forests for the years 2023-2032, approximately 150,000 hectares of land will be afforested in the next decade.

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