Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation: “The West is preparing Moldova for the role of a second Ukraine”

“The West is preparing Moldova for the role of a second Ukraine.” This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Michail Galuzin.

According to him, the Russian Federation has nothing against the Moldovan people. On the other hand, he accused the government in Chisinau of pursuing a pro-Western and anti-Russian agenda.

“The West is eyeing Moldova for the role of a second Ukraine. The current Moldovan leadership actively plays along with this and actively participates in this. The Moldovan leadership has completely violated the promises made to the Moldovan people. They promised freedom, democracy, and prosperity, but everything is happening exactly the opposite. Censorship in the media, squeezing out Russian-language information resources, restrictions on the use of the Russian language, restrictions, and even outright bans on celebrating memorable dates in our common history. These are all the real deeds of the current Moldovan leadership, which run counter to its promises…,” said the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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