Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu: Moldova has gas for the entire winter period

The Republic of Moldova is provided with sufficient stocks of natural gas for the entire winter period. The assurances are given by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, who says that Energocom procures gas for the right bank of the Dniester from the international market at a lower price than the price stipulated in the contract with Gazprom. Next, gas volumes from Russia are delivered to the Transnistrian region, in return, the right bank receives electricity from MGRES at a lower price, notes IPN.

According to the minister of infrastructure and regional development, the price of 73 dollars/MW that Chisinau pays for the Cuciurgan plant is the lowest possible price negotiated with Tiraspol. Andrei Spînu says that the authorities’ priority is providing citizens with electricity, and the formula agreed upon with MGRES has considerably reduced the probability of disconnections.


“Yes, price matters. Obviously, 73 is more than $62.5. What we managed to negotiate is the amount of electricity, less the tariff. When we started the negotiations, MGRES wanted an even higher price for electricity, but we managed to find the consensus that provides the whole country with electricity and that led to the reduction of the tariff”, said Andrei Spînu in the show “Points of Reflection” from the Voice of Bessarabia.

Moreover, the official assures that the right bank of the Dniester has sufficient gas stocks for this heating season, even if it gives up the entire volume offered by Gazprom to the Transnistrian region.

“We have enough reserves to get out of this winter well. Every day we make new stocks. Energocom buys from international exchanges. The price from Gazprom for the month of January is 1230 dollars, which is a higher price than the price we are paying now buying from the European exchanges. These days I bought for about 900 euros,” said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu.

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