The Director of the National Anticorruption Center, Iulian Rusu – Resigned!

The Director of the National Anticorruption Center (CNA), Iulian Rusu, has resigned. An announcement to this effect was made by the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu.

“I have taken note of the resignation request from the director of the CNA, Iulian Rusu, which reached me today. We thank Mr. Rusu for his efforts,” Grosu mentioned.

In this context, the President of the Parliament stated that in the near future, a proposal for the appointment of a new director of the CNA will be submitted.

“The expectations of the Parliament and the entire society from the CNA are very clear: to increase the speed of investigating acts of corruption, to stop illegal financial flows, and to ensure the institution’s integrity by accelerating the reform of the National Anticorruption Center and cleansing the institution of harmful practices and individuals,” Grosu noted.


The resignation request of the CNA director will be examined in a plenary session of the Parliament.

Iulian Rusu was the 8th director of the National Anticorruption Center.

He was appointed as director of the CNA in February 2023 with the votes of 58 deputies. His appointment to the position sparked discussions in the Parliament, as deputies from the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) questioned his integrity.

Iulian Rusu is a lawyer by profession. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, holding a master’s degree in law. He has extensive professional experience of over 20 years, including in the field of justice. In the last 3 years, he held the position of executive director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms and contributed his expertise to several projects and activities related to the justice and anti-corruption sector.

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