Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova Discusses Hybrid Warfare and Security Challenges

“It is evident that hybrid warfare is advancing, and the Russian Federation has not relented even though the initial plans to militarily enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova failed due to our neighbors in Ukraine. We can see that the plans have changed, but the objective remains the same – to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova and change the direction that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova have chosen – integration into the EU,” said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, during an interview on the TVR MOLDOVA show “Punctul pe AZi.”

“All the challenges and attempts to destabilize the situation, to instill fear and apprehension in civil society, stem from here. It is not a new method by which a large country seeks to exert influence through different parties and take power through various corrupt schemes with different funding and methods that are not the most democratic. As law enforcement agencies, we are on duty, monitoring, documenting, and investigating together with all our colleagues across various structures and levels. We create problems for them because you cannot have such an approach, playing not according to established and legal, democratic rules. Therefore, we are at the forefront of security, and public order, and we make maximum efforts through various instruments to disrupt these illegal financing, the introduction of financial means through various methods and criminal schemes,” added Adrian Efros.


The official also pointed out that law enforcement has thwarted several attempts to introduce financial means through conventional channels into the Republic of Moldova for the financing of political entities.

“Evidently, they have reoriented and sought new methods to make it harder to detect and trace the entire funding trail. They have tried various methods, including cryptocurrencies, with the objective being to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova and create problems for us in order to hinder our national objective – integration into the EU,” mentioned Adrian Efros.

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