Discover the Fascinating World of Vinăria Et Cetera: From Vineyard Insights to Wine Tasting Delights

The origins of Et Cetera winery

Since 2003, the Luchianov Family has invested passion and a desire for emancipation into the story of Moldovan wine, channeling all their efforts into cultivating grapes of undeniable quality. In 2002, Alexandru Luchianov, the chief winemaker and owner of the Et Cetera brand, acquired the land—a beautiful and promising place. Despite lacking experience, but motivated enough, Alexandru, whose main expertise was in mathematics, attempted to explore the field of agriculture and studied winemaking in greater depth, becoming an enthusiastic fanatic in the world of wines. He traveled to wine-producing countries around the globe, conducting tastings with the intention of finding the ideal formula that would give wines the perfect taste.

In 2006, after 13 years of journeying, his brother, Igor, joined him in this life adventure, marking the start of an irreversible mechanism. After the first harvest, when the first batch of wine was produced and subsequently awarded a gold medal in a local wine competition, the two brothers decided it was time to invest in the construction of a winery and the development of the Et Cetera brand, with the aim of consolidating traditions through excellence.

The Restaurant

“Initially, we welcomed guests in the winemaker’s cottage and on the terrace with a striking view of the vineyards ahead. However, as the number of interested visitors kept growing, there arose a need for a larger space. Thus, we sought to recreate the same cozy atmosphere and sense of hospitality in a spacious and comfortable restaurant, the construction of which was completed on May 31, 2013.”

“During the construction of the restaurant, we aimed to make the most of our communion with nature. The panoramic window overlooking the valley, where vineyards are spread out, fills the room with natural light, in harmony with the high ceilings and the Provence-style interior adorned with traditional motifs. It immerses you in the unique and lush atmosphere of Moldova’s lands.”

“In our kitchen, we have gathered the best traditional recipes, prepared exclusively from local products. The highlight of the entire feast is undoubtedly the cheese pies, incredibly delicate and delicious, lovingly cooked by our mother.”

A modern and comfortable guesthouse with 6 rooms

Each room features a large king-size bed, which can be separated into two separate beds if needed. The panoramic windows provide abundant natural light and a beautiful view of the impressive scenery that depicts the vineyard area like a rural fresco. The room rate includes breakfast.

Wine Tour

The wine tasting tours are led by the owner and chief winemaker himself, Alexandru Luchianov. This provides visitors with the opportunity to learn firsthand about the most important aspects of wine production and to taste the wine directly from the barrel. Afterwards, the journey of knowledge continues within the premises of our restaurant, where comfort is combined with wonderful home-cooked meals.

Here are some interesting facts about Vinăria Et Cetera:

Annual production volume: 150 tons of grapes

Total vineyard area: 24.2 hectares

Red grape varieties:

  • Merlot: 4.5 hectares
  • Cabernet Frank: 1.4 hectares
  • Feteasca Neagra: 4.5 hectares
  • Saperavi: 1 hectare
  • Carmenere: 2.4 hectares
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 4 hectares
  • Pinot Noir: 1.2 hectares
  • Marselan: 1 hectare
  • Albarosa: 1 hectare

White grape varieties:

  • Chardonnay: 1.2 hectares
  • Sauvignon Blanc: 1 hectare
  • Viognier: 1 hectare


  • Riparia Rupestris 101-14, 420A, SO4

Average age of the vineyards: 4 years

Plantation density: 4000-6000 plants per hectare


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