Discover the story of Vasile Goncear, the famous Moldovan potter

Vasile Goncear is descended from 10 generations of ceramists Moreover, his surname translates from Russian as “potter”, writes

The craftsman was born in Hoginești, a village that over the years has been one of the most famous ceramic centers in Moldova. Vasile’s father wanted his son to have another job, so he sent him to learn electromechanics in Moscow. However, after graduating from college, Vasile understood that he wanted to become a potter and continue the dynasty of craftsmen from which he comes.

Together with his family he emigrated to Italy where he opened a ceramics workshop. Things were going quite well for him – he had orders, and his talent brought him fame throughout Europe. But homesickness made him return to his roots. Thus, after 15 years abroad, Vasile returned home and brought with him not only modern equipment, but also new pottery techniques collected from all over the world.


In Hoginești he created a workshop and a museum dedicated to his craft. In 2015, he started a project after which he wanted to make the largest vessel in the world. He even started the construction of the furnace in which it will be burned, but due to lack of money, the works stopped. Vasile did not lose his ambition and made the largest clay vessel in Europe, which has a volume of over 2000 liters.

Vasile Goncear’s plans don’t stop here either, he wants to make Hogineşti one of the country’s tourist centers, that’s why he annually organizes a potters’ fair in his village, to which he invites craftsmen from all over the country.

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