(DOC) The Parliament amends the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. The subject will be examined on Thursday by deputies

Lawmakers could amend Moldova’s citizenship law. A legislative initiative has been registered in Parliament, authored by the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) deputy, Igor Chiriac. The plenary session will examine the document on Thursday, 30 May, and broadcast it live on Rlive.md.

According to the author, the need to eliminate identified vulnerabilities that generate risks to state security and public order caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine conditions the drafting of this bill.

“The geopolitical situation in the region, generated by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, has influenced an increase in the number of applicants for Moldovan citizenship, especially citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In the last two years, of the total number of applicants for Moldovan citizenship, about 70% are citizens of the Russian Federation, and about 20% are citizens of Ukraine.

At the same time, as a result of the examination of applications for acquiring Moldovan citizenship by recognition, attempts to acquire Moldovan citizenship by fraud, based on documents of unknown origin presented by applicants, have been identified and prevented by verifying the authenticity of these documents by questioning the issuing authorities,” the draft law states.


To avoid the risks mentioned above, the PAS MEP proposes implementing the amendments as soon as possible.

One impediment identified by Chiriac in the current version of the law is the deadline for examining applications for recognition of Moldovan citizenship, which, according to Article 38 para. (1) of the Law on Moldovan Citizenship No. 1024/2000 cannot exceed six months.

“Due to the increased influx of applications, there is insufficient capacity to verify the authenticity of documents issued by the competent authorities of other states.

Law No. 24/2014 amending the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova No. 1024-XIV of 2 June 2000 excluded the condition that the person applying for citizenship of the Republic of Moldova by naturalization, according to the provisions of Article 17 of the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova No. 1024/2000, must be over 18 years of age,” the document states.

Another aspect to amend relates to the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS). More specifically, if the SIS finds that the applicant falls under the rules for refusal to grant or regain citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, the competent authorities will reject the application.

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