(DOC) Why Dragalin refuses to go to Parliament on the Raducanu case: The procedure would have the connotation of political control

Veronica Dragalin believes the deputy’s invitation from the Parliament Legal Commission on the “Raducanu case” “would have the connotation of a political control over the Prosecutor’s Office.” For this reason, the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (PA) is ready to communicate in writing “the aspects that want to be clarified.”

A letter to this was sent to Veronica Roshca, the president of the Legal Commission in the Parliament, by Veronica Dragalin.

“The hearing by the members of the Commission of a prosecutor or judge, regardless of the position held, is outside the legal framework that regulates the object of activity and the functional powers of the Legal Commission, appointments and immunities, as provided for in the Regulation of the Parliament and the Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova nr. 86 of 29.07.2021.

The calling and hearing of a prosecutor by the Commission goes against its role and purpose, as there is no such legal obligation for prosecutors, nor any subordination report that would justify such a procedure that would have the connotation of political control over the Prosecutor’s Office, which according to art. 124 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is an autonomous public institution within the judicial authority.

The prosecutors can provide information of public interest, which doesn’t involve giving explanations or justifications for the adopted solution, as well as elucidating procedural aspects regarding the development of pending cases, and politicians must refrain from giving orders to justice, a fact reiterated by the Constitutional Court, in Decisions nr. 29 of 23.09.2013, nr. 20 of 04.06.2014″, it is stated in the letter sent to the address of Veronica Roshca.


During a show, Olesea Stamate, a member of the Legal Commission, said that “it is a shame” that Veronica Dragalin refused to appear at the meeting of the Legal Commission of the Parliament to provide details about the investigations started on the “case of Tatiana Raducanu.”

We remind you that Tatiana Raducanu resigned in mid-May 2024 after information appeared in the public space, according to which the former judge had connections with Veaceslav Platon and Ilan Shor. It would have executed the orders of Veaceslav Platon and Aureliu Colenco. The last is still currently the lawyer of Ilan Shor. Tatiana Raducanu denied the accusations.

The Parliament approved Tatiana Raducanu’s resignation on Thursday, May 16.

On June 13, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (PA) initiated a penal case to investigate an alleged illegal action of active corruption. According to the information previously provided by the PA, this case involves Tatiana Raducanu, a former member of the Pre-Vetting Commission and the Vetting Commission.

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