Document: Is the “deoffshoring” trend beginning? Moldova has approved a list of countries that do not adhere to transparency principles

The Republic of Moldova will approve a list of states that do not adhere to the principles of transparency. The document is currently under review by the ministers and its provisions will be discussed during the Cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 6th March.

The list comprises 75 countries, including Russia, Iran, Jordan, and Afghanistan. Additionally, the document encompasses dozens of Muslim, Arab, and African countries.

“The list will be used by public authorities, state-owned enterprises, and publicly-owned companies to determine the conditions for participation in privatisation, public-private partnerships, public procurement, and concession procedures covered by the deoffshorisation mechanism provided for by Law No 215/2020 on the amendment of some normative acts (deoffshorisation law,)” the project briefing note states.


To determine the relevant jurisdictions, we consider the level of cooperation in exchanging information on company registration, assessment reports by international organizations on the implementation of international transparency standards, the effectiveness of regional authorities, and information on the implementation of European standards in national legislation.

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