Janis Mazeiks on postal voting: We have not been approached for advice

“We were not consulted nor did we offer advice on this matter,” stated Janis Mazeiks, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, about the draft law concerning postal voting implementation. Mazeiks emphasized that while Moldova wouldn’t be the pioneer in adopting postal voting, the exact modalities of its implementation remain unclear.

The Ambassador underscored the EU’s commitment to respecting the decision of Moldovan citizens in the forthcoming referendum on European integration. Regardless of the outcome, the EU pledged to continue supporting Moldova’s citizens, irrespective of their stance on EU accession.

“The referendum will serve as a manifestation of Moldovan citizens’ will, and we will honour their decision, whatever it may be,” stated Mazeiks during an interview on Radio Moldova’s program “At 360 Degrees.” While expressing optimism regarding Moldova’s European aspirations, he reiterated the EU’s readiness to collaborate with the Moldovan government, irrespective of the referendum outcome.


Regarding the introduction of postal voting, the Ambassador clarified that the European Union had not been consulted, and therefore refrained from providing an opinion. He acknowledged the potential benefits of postal voting in enhancing citizens’ participation but stressed the importance of carefully crafting and implementing such legislation.

The initiative for postal voting was recently introduced by MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS). According to PAS MPs, the proposed bill aims to facilitate voting for the Moldovan diaspora, particularly in regions where accessing polling stations poses challenges due to distance. Initially, the bill intends to pilot postal voting in Canada and the United States, ensuring meticulous oversight to safeguard the voting rights of all citizens.

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