Electricity from Romania has arrived in Moldova

Starting at 01:00, 100 MW of electricity from Romania’s energy system are imported into the national energy system, announced Constantin Borosan, State Secretary in the field of Energy, writes Bani.md.

According to the information, the transmission of electricity/allocation of cross-border transmission capacity takes place through the LEA 400 kV Isaccea – Vulcănești power line. Electricity is purchased from the state company SA “Hidroelectrica” ​​- the largest electricity producer in Romania and imported by the supplier SA “Energocom”.

“The allocation of cross-border transmission capacity takes place daily by the transmission and system operators ÎS “Moldelectrica” ​​in Moldova and CNTEE “Transelectrica” ​​in Romania. In the national energy system, the production-consumption balance is ensured. The frequency is within the normative limits of 50 Hz.”


Also, Constantin Borosan came with a repeated exhortation to domestic and non-domestic consumers to save electricity.

“We urge electricity consumers: public institutions, economic agents, household consumers; to reduce electricity consumption especially during peak hours. This is very important to ensure the continuity / uninterrupted supply of electricity for our country”.

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