Empowering Education: Insights from Romania-Moldova Forum in Iasi

The second edition of the Romania-Moldova Education Forum is currently underway at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi.

In this edition, the forum has convened to explore the challenges and ethical dilemmas posed by the transition to digitalization. Its purpose is to identify promising practices that contribute to a fair and relevant assessment of learning, according to infoprut.ro.

During the event, experts and practitioners in the field of education and technology from Romania, Moldova, the United Kingdom, and Poland will share valuable insights on the assessment of learning in the era of artificial intelligence, both theoretically and practically.

Igor Șarov, the rector of the State University of Moldova, highlighted the fruitful collaboration between the State University of Moldova and the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, emphasizing that “this prestigious event is an essential pillar in the development of the educational ecosystem in the digitized world, as well as a stimulator of good practices adapted to the specific context of each university.”

The eight proposed workshops at this forum will provide an opportunity to learn about schools implementing innovative programs regarding inclusion, learning, entrepreneurship, character development, projects, and community involvement.

Through all the activities of this forum, the goal is to “create a conducive framework for identifying innovative solutions, experiences with multiplication potential, along with cultivating a deep understanding of future directions of development and collaboration between our educational systems, between the university and pre-university environments,” as reported by the State University of Moldova from Chișinău.

The Romania-Moldova Education Forum is an event initiated and organized by the Romanian Literacy Association, Quartz Matrix, “Richard Wurmbrand” College, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, AGIRO-MD, the State University of Moldova, and the Republican Theoretical High School “Aristotel” in Chișinău.


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