Romania-Moldova Economic Forum Strengthens Bilateral Ties for Prosperity

Businessmen and officials from both banks of the Prut River attended today in Chișinău the second edition of the Romania-Republic of Moldova Economic Forum, dedicated to promoting bilateral trade and the investment sector, as reported by MOLDPRES.

Over 200 companies from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, spanning financial-banking, commerce, logistics, IT, and academic sectors, announced their presence at the event.

The Romanian Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Cristian Leon-Țurcanu, highlighted the daily efforts of investors on both sides of the Prut River to bring the economies of the two countries closer and harmonize them for better international competitiveness, job creation, and community development.

He emphasized Romania’s role as the main trading partner and supporter of the Republic of Moldova’s European integration. The Secretary-General of the Romanian Government, Mircea Abrudean, stated that Romanian companies in the Moldovan market have generated over 10,000 jobs with a total turnover of nearly one billion euros.

He highlighted the significant growth in bilateral trade, reaching a 48% increase in 2022 compared to 2021. Investments from Romania in the Republic of Moldova totaled $692 million by the end of 2022, with ongoing opportunities in agriculture, energy, and renewable energy sectors. Vice Prime Minister Dumitru Alaiba, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization, underlined Romania’s status as the Republic of Moldova’s primary trade and investment partner, citing over 1,600 Romanian-capital enterprises.

The economic shift from a CIS-focused orientation to a determined Western direction over the past 15 years positions Romania as a solid partner in the ongoing economic integration into the EU. The second edition of the Romania-Republic of Moldova Economic Forum is organized by the Association of Investors from Romania in the Republic of Moldova, the Romanian Embassy in Chișinău, and the Romanian Agency for Investments and Foreign Trade.


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