Farmers Declare New Protest: ‘MAIA’s Proposal is Delayed and Insufficient’

Farmers continue to prepare for the announced protest on November 22.

According to farmers, authorities have only proposed the creation of a working group that will examine the files of agricultural producers facing difficulties in repaying debts accumulated in the period 2022-2023, and who cannot restructure them, facing the risk of forced execution, insolvency, or restructuring procedures with unbearable sanctions. According to farmers, if this solution were to be applied, the procedures would take several months “during which thousands of farmers risk being deprived of agricultural equipment, land, and even residential homes or losing control of their enterprises.”

The organization is dissatisfied with the fact that the Ministry has not provided any information regarding compensations from the National Agriculture Development Fund for the year 2024.

A new meeting with authorities will take place today at 11:30, where representatives of the Farmers’ Association are set to present a draft decision to the Supreme Security Council (CSE) where the demands submitted have been combined with government proposals.

Thus, the Farmers’ Association demands the immediate implementation of a three-month moratorium on calculating penalties, forced execution, and the initiation of insolvency proceedings concerning micro, small, and medium-sized farmers. At the same time, they request the activation of a special commission for two months that will review farmers’ files and, based on their requests, compel the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to issue certificates attesting to events beyond the debtor’s control.


Additionally, they request that in 2024, 50% of the National Agriculture and Environment Development Fund be granted as direct payments for sunflower and maize surfaces cultivated in 2023. These payments are intended to represent partial compensation for farmers’ losses caused by extremely low market prices and weather conditions.

“We reiterate once again that all our requirements can be met without additional budgetary expenses. And for the government, the moment of truth has come when it must finally choose whether it supports true farmers from rural areas or remains with transnational holdings, agreeing to transform Moldova into their estate,” the Association stated.

Previously, several farmers announced planned protests for Wednesday, November 22. They say that “agricultural producers are on the brink of bankruptcy and desperation and have no other way out.” According to them, farmers from several districts will move towards Chisinau with agricultural equipment.

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