Victorious Triumphs and Medal Achievements for Moldovan Boxers at U22 European Championship

In a dazzling display of skill and determination, Moldovan boxer Vasile Cebotari has clinched the coveted title of European U22 champion in the 71 kg weight category. Cebotari’s remarkable journey to the top included four victorious bouts against formidable opponents from Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, and Spain.

The 71 kg category saw Cebotari’s unwavering commitment and strategic prowess come to fruition as he outperformed his rivals on the European stage. His triumphant path to the championship culminated in a well-deserved victory that has undoubtedly elevated his status in the world of boxing.

Adding to Moldova’s success at the U22 European Championships, Daria Cozorez showcased her exceptional skills in the +81 kg weight class, securing a spot in the final. Despite her commendable efforts, Cozorez faced a formidable opponent from Russia and, in a hard-fought battle, ultimately conceded the victory.

Cozorez’s journey to the final highlighted her prowess and determination, setting the stage for future successes in her promising boxing career.


Moldovan boxers Mihai Porombac and Nicolai Burdiuja also made their mark at the U22 European Championships, each earning a well-deserved bronze medal in their respective weight categories. Porombac, competing in the 48 kg class, and Burdiuja, in the +92 kg division, showcased their skills and resilience throughout the tournament.

Their impressive performances and podium finishes not only contribute to Moldova’s success but also signify the country’s rising prominence in the international boxing scene.

The U22 European Championships in Montenegro served as a battleground for approximately 300 boxers hailing from 32 countries. This gathering of top-tier talent showcased the diversity and competitiveness of the sport on the European stage. Moldova’s boxers, with their outstanding performances, have not only brought glory to their nation but have also demonstrated the strength and skill inherent in the sport of boxing at the U22 level.

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