Igor Grosu Presents a Final Assessment of the Local Elections

The President of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), Igor Grosu, announces that 310 candidates for the position of mayor, put forward by the party, have been elected after the two rounds of general local elections. Additionally, according to him, PAS will have 357 county councilors and over 3000 local councilors.

The President of the Parliament has published on social networks the results of the governing party he leads, after the conclusion of the electoral process.

“Thank you all for coming out to vote and expressing your voice in choosing the people who will lead our localities. Thanks to your trust, 310 mayors from PAS – Team Europe have won after the 2 rounds of the election. Our mayors will work for the development of villages and towns, as we have committed, and for Moldova to become European, locality by locality. PAS has shown that we are a strong team at the local level. We have gained the support of the people for 357 county councillors and over 3000 local councillors. I thank all our teams, all the volunteers for the immense effort put into the campaign. Every door we knocked on, every person we talked to, every newspaper distributed, represents essential teamwork,” declared Igor Grosu.

The head of the Legislature emphasized that “there is much work to be done” and wished success to the newly elected mayors and councilors.

“I wish success and productivity to all mayors and councilors who have won in the local elections. Let’s work together to ensure all Moldovans have better living conditions at home. We are moving forward towards a European Moldova!

According to the elections.md website, PAS obtained 66 mayoralties in the second round, thus totaling 291 mayors, representing 32.51% of the total in the country. At the same time, PAS did not win any mayor mandates in the 11 municipalities of the country.

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