PAS Dominates Municipal Landscape in Second Round of General Local Elections in Moldova

In the second round of general local elections in Moldova, the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) secured triumph by winning an additional 66 mayoral seats, bringing their total to 291 mayors, or 32.51% of the votes cast in this fall’s elections.

Representatives of the ruling party will now preside over the cities of Nisporeni (Dan Negel) and Călărași (Victor Ambroci), as well as the suburbs of the capital, Codru (Stelian Manic), and Trușeni (Viorica Beregoi). This comes after their success in the first round, where they claimed the leadership of Sângerei (Arcadie Covaliov), Ialoveni (Sergiu Armașu), and Cimișlia (Sergiu Andronachi).

In second place in the rankings are the Socialists, with 144 mayors or 16.09%, 41 of whom won in the second round of Sunday’s elections on November 19. Members of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) will now lead the cities of Basarabeasca (Piotr Pușcari), Florești (Iurie Gangan), and Șoldănești (Vadim Groza). This follows their victories in the first round, where they also claimed mayoral seats in Briceni (Vitalii Gorodinschii), Ocnița (Victor Atamaniuc), Dondușeni (Ion Zloi), Soroca (Lilia Pilipețchi), Criuleni (Mihail Sclifos), and Anenii Noi (Alexandr Mațarin).

A total of 116 mayors or 12.96% will be led by independent mayors in the next four years, 32 of whom secured the top spot in the second round. As a result, the cities of Strășeni (Valentina Casian), Cahul (Nicolae Dandiș), Taraclia (Veaceslav Lupov), Ceadâr-Lunga (Anatoli Topal), which were won in the first round by independent candidates, were joined by the municipalities of Ungheni (Vitalie Vrabie) and Comrat (Serghei Anastasov).

The fourth political force, in terms of the number of mayors elected on November 5 and 19, is the European Social Democratic Party (PSDE) – 103 or 11.51%, 30 of whom won in yesterday’s electoral race.

In fifth place is the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PDCM) with 48 mayors or 5.36%, and in sixth place is the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) with 34 mayors or 3.8%.


We remind you that the voter turnout in the second round of the general local elections was 36.7%. According to preliminary data presented by the Central Election Commission (CEC), approximately 314 thousand voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect 273 mayors. In each locality, a voter turnout exceeding 20%, necessary for the validation of the election, was recorded.

In the first round of voting, held on November 5, the national voter turnout was higher, reaching 41.41%.

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