Essential news regarding the “Prima Casă” program. The authorities will compensate 60% of the interest

Beneficiaries of the Prima Casă program will pay less interest on the loan. Thus, after raising the interest rate to 5.35%, the beneficiaries will pay only 670 lei, the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, announced in a press briefing.

The interest for the First Home program will be capped at 4% for six months and at most 6 months for 12 months.

“The increased interest rate of 5.35% is reduced by 1.35%. In the meantime, the Minister of Finance will develop the mechanism for granting aid to the beneficiaries of the 50% (2%) program of interest payments. Cumulatively, the beneficiaries will pay only 35% of the interest increase “, Gaibu explained.

For example, for a loan of 500 thousand lei for 25 years, the monthly rate is 3,700 per month. After the increase, it increased to 5,530 lei. Or, according to the applied measures, the beneficiaries will pay only 670 lei. Over 1100 lei from the cost of the loan will be compensated by the Government.

The interest cap will be applied immediately, from 1 July until now, so as not to exceed this cap.

The beneficiaries will save about 25 million lei, and to compensate the higher interest costs, the Ministry of Finance will contribute over 35 million lei for the 7601 beneficiaries of the Prima Casa program.


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