EU Allocates €250 Million to Boost Transborder Connections Between Ukraine, Moldova, and Neighboring EU Nations

The European Union has decided to allocate €250 million to finance projects aimed at improving transborder connections between Ukraine, Moldova, and their EU neighbors, namely Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland, according to MOLDPRES.

The allocated funds are part of a broader program of the European Union, which includes 107 transportation infrastructure projects across Europe that will receive EU grants worth over €6 billion, as announced by the European Commission in a press release.

“Today, we are allocating €6.2 billion for projects across Europe that will bring us closer to completing the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), the backbone of the EU economy. I am particularly pleased that €250 million will improve transborder connections between Ukraine, Moldova, and their EU neighbors, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. These projects will facilitate the transport of goods between the EU and Ukraine, thus strengthening the corridors of solidarity,” stated Adina Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport.

The 107 projects were selected in response to the project call published in 2022. The EU funding will take the form of grants, which will be used to co-finance the total project costs.


This initiative aims to enhance infrastructure connectivity, foster trade, and strengthen regional cooperation among the countries involved. The improved transborder connections will create new opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and increased mobility for both people and goods.

The projects will focus on various aspects, including the development and modernization of transportation networks, the construction or renovation of border crossings, the enhancement of logistical and customs operations, and the implementation of smart transportation solutions.

By investing in these projects, the European Union seeks to promote economic development, improve transport efficiency, and reinforce cooperation between EU member states and their neighboring countries. The grants provided will enable the realization of vital transportation infrastructure projects, contributing to the overall integration and development of the region.

The European Commission remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable and efficient transportation systems, ultimately leading to improved connectivity, enhanced mobility, and increased economic prosperity for all participating countries.

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