Government highlights key accomplishments following European Commission’s recommendations

In an effort to demonstrate their commitment to European values and standards, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MAEIE) have presented several significant achievements of the Republic of Moldova, one year after obtaining candidate country status for European Union (EU) accession.

The list of accomplishments begins with judicial reform, including the adoption and implementation of a law for verifying the declaration of assets and personal interests of candidates for judicial and prosecutorial positions. It continues with the modification of the Electoral Code, the final conviction of a former deputy for acts of grand corruption (referring to Ilan Șor), and the return of Chisinau International Airport to state management.

Furthermore, the successful launch of the European Union Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova and the effective management of various crises, such as the refugee crisis, the energy crisis, and hybrid attacks, have also been highlighted as notable achievements in the country’s success story.


“We are determined to maintain the pace of reforms and substantiate our commitment to European values and standards. Through our achievements, we aim to gain the support and trust of the European Union in initiating negotiations for our accession to the community bloc by the end of this year,” declared Minister Nicu Popescu.

It is worth noting that the Republic of Moldova, alongside Ukraine, obtained candidate country status for EU accession on June 23 during a meeting of the European Council in Brussels. The heads of state and government from all 27 EU member countries voted unanimously in favor of granting the status.

On March 3, 2022, President Maia Sandu announced that the Republic of Moldova had submitted its application for EU membership. The document was signed in the presence of journalists by the head of state, President of Parliament Igor Grosu, and Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița, one day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a similar request. On the same day, Georgia also submitted a similar application.

The Republic of Moldova remains committed to the path of European integration, striving to meet the necessary requirements and showcase its progress in alignment with EU standards. As negotiations for accession progress, the country anticipates further support and recognition from the European Union.

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