Young People from Moldova Engage in Largest European Youth Event for Two Days

During the period of June 9-10, a group of 18 young people from the Republic of Moldova, aged between 16 and 20, who are members of the International Youth Association, participated in the largest European event for young people – the European Youth Event 2023 – held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

The event brought together 8,500 participants, including online attendees, 400 speakers, over 300 activities, 22 artistic performances, and eight hybrid activities. Additionally, the European Youth Event was attended by 31 Members of the European Parliament, three Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, and the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

“Imagine that we were fortunate to be among the 18 young people from Moldova selected and funded by the European Parliament to participate in this event held in the heart of Europe, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Alongside us, 8,500 young people from all corners of Europe came together, ready to create, connect, and make positive changes in the world we live in,” stated representatives of the International Youth Association.

The European Youth Event (EYE) is an event that takes place once every two years, bringing together passionate, creative, and active young people from across Europe. The main purpose of this event is to provide a platform where young individuals can share innovative ideas, debate current issues, and find common solutions to the challenges facing European society. EYE2023, the fifth edition of the event, took place on June 9th and 10th and had both offline and online components. It focused on the role of democracy and youth involvement.

“It all started with obtaining funding from the European Parliament, which covered the expenses for transportation, accommodation, and meals throughout the event. Our association was the only organization from Moldova that applied and secured financial support for each individual participant. This was an exceptional opportunity for Moldovan youth, who would have otherwise faced difficulties in participating in such a large-scale European event without this financial assistance. […] The program was extremely diverse and engaging. We took part in debates, interactive workshops, and cultural activities that helped us understand the complex issues facing the European Union and come up with innovative solutions. We discussed topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, social justice, gender inequalities, migration, and many other subjects of general interest. Each one of us made a contribution and had the opportunity to make our voices heard in an international setting,” mentioned Grigore Rînja, a coordinator at the International Youth Association.


The young participants also had moments of relaxation and the chance to explore French culture. They were able to discover the beauty of Strasbourg and the extravagance of Paris. They met people from all corners of Europe, discovering similarities and connections that made them feel part of a larger European family.

“Our experience at the European Parliament in Strasbourg has demonstrated that Moldovan youth have the potential to contribute to change at the European level,” stated Grigore Rînja.

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