EU Mission in Moldova Sends a Message to Russia, Says Pavlicenco

The European Union’s civil mission in the Republic of Moldova will assist in the development and implementation of security policies, as well as prepare the country for the start of accession talks with the EU. In addition, this mission sends a signal to the Russian Federation that Moldova is not alone. These statements were made during the “Ora Expertizei” on

“This civil mission is new to us and is a huge support from the EU. It will help us develop policies and implement them on security, hybrid warfare, and all external risks currently facing the Republic of Moldova. There are security experts from the EU who will assist us in developing and implementing security policies,” said PAS deputy Dorian Istratii.

Politician Vitalia Pavlicenco believes that this EU mission will not only train our experts but also send a signal to Russia.

“The Republic of Moldova is one of the states most affected by the war in Ukraine. I am not just talking about refugees, but also about the interest at the border and the Transnistrian danger. And in this sense, security issues are very important. This civil mission aims to strengthen the resilience of the security sector. Moldova is not a NATO member. Thus, other ways are being sought to help prevent destabilization and manage it. I believe that the Transnistrian danger is very high, and this civil mission is not just an expertise and training of our experts, but it is also a signal to Russia that Moldova is not alone and is being assisted logistically and with expertise by the West,” said Vitalia Pavlicenco.


At the same time, political analyst Ion Tăbârță mentioned that this civil mission will prepare the Republic of Moldova for the start of accession talks with the European Union.

In March, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, announced that the European Union is preparing a civil mission for the Republic of Moldova this summer to support it in addressing hybrid threats.

“We also want to apply the ‘train and equip’ model more systematically, not just ‘train,’ in our civil missions. This approach has already yielded good results in Nigeria and Somalia. We are currently preparing a new mission in the Republic of Moldova to strengthen the country’s capacity to counter hybrid threats,” said Borrell.

Previously, MEP Dacian Cioloș stated that the European Union is ready to send experts to Chișinău to organize the security system in the context of Russian aggression-related threats.

The EU civil mission in Moldova is seen as a positive step forward in helping the country address its security concerns and prepare for possible EU accession talks. Moldova’s geographic location, political situation, and historical ties to Russia make it vulnerable to hybrid threats and instability. The EU’s support sends a clear message that Moldova is not alone and that the EU is committed to helping it address its challenges.

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