Moldova and Russia Tensions Rise: Foreign Minister Comments on the Diplomatic Expulsions

Tensions continue to rise between Russia and Moldova as Moscow takes further measures against Moldovan diplomats. The recent expulsion of a Moldovan diplomat from Moscow has prompted a strong response from Moldova’s Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu.

In a statement, Popescu condemned Russia’s hostile policies towards Moldova, which he said had been ongoing for many years. He accused Russia of supporting separatism, imposing embargoes, and maintaining a military presence in the country. He went on to say that Russia’s actions had been detrimental to Moldova’s economy and independence.

This latest escalation comes after Moldova declared a Russian employee persona non-grata for inappropriate behavior towards border officials. In retaliation, Russia has banned several Moldovan officials from entering the country. The decision was announced by the Kremlin on Tuesday.


The tensions between the two countries have been heightened in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the leader of Tatarstan was refused entry into Moldova. He had been invited to a forum in Gagauzia by politicians and diplomats from Russia.

The situation is causing concern in Moldova, and many fear that it could lead to a further deterioration of relations between the two countries. The Moldovan government has called on Russia to stop its hostile actions and engage in constructive dialogue to resolve the issues between the two countries.

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