European states opened polling stations for the European Parliament elections in Moldova. Most are from Romania and Bulgaria

Romania and Bulgaria will have the most polling stations in the European Parliament elections. France, Poland, Latvia, and Hungary diplomatic missions will also open polling stations.

You can vote for Romanian MEPs at 52 polling stations opened in Moldova. They will be open from 7:00 to 22:00 in 39 localities.

The administration in Sofia is opening seven polling stations in Moldova for the Europarliamentary elections. Most of them will operate in the south of Moldova and Gagauzia.


All EU member countries will elect 720 MEPs: Germany – 96, France – 81, Italy – 76, Spain – 61, Poland – 53, Romania – 33, the Netherlands – 31, Belgium – 22, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, and Hungary – 21, Austria – 20, Bulgaria – 17, Denmark, Finland and Slovakia – 15, Ireland – 14, Croatia – 12, Lithuania – 11, Slovenia and Latvia – 9, Estonia – 7, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta – 6.

For the Republic of Moldova, the European Parliamentary elections are significant because MEPs will be making decisions about our country, the support we receive, and Moldova’s European course.

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