EU’s Expectations on Moldova’s Rule of Law: Realism and Progress Toward Negotiations

The European Union will not compromise on the goal of establishing the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova, but it will have realistic expectations and “will not demand miracles overnight.” “If the overall picture is correct, if things are going well, then the EU will be a partner,” stated the Eurodeputy Siegfried Mureșan, writes Radio Moldova.

In short, things are progressing, and if they continue in the coming weeks as they have over the past year, I believe we have a real chance of deciding to start negotiations before the end of this year.

“Justice is a fundamental issue, and first and foremost, it is in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for justice to function, to be independent, and to be strong. The European Union will not compromise on the objective of having the rule of law, a functional, independent, and strong justice system in the Republic of Moldova, which serves the citizens and holds all those responsible accountable. This is a fundamental principle of the EU, from which the EU will never deviate regarding any member state or candidate state. EU expectations are clearly realistic. The EU does not expect Moldova to achieve in 30 days what has not been done in 30 years. The direction and willingness matter greatly,” the Member of the European Parliament said.


Mureșan mentioned that within the Moldovan judicial system, there are allies of an independent judiciary, as well as opponents, but this situation has been the same in other EU member states, and the EU knows how to act in such situations.

It should be noted that the Republic of Moldova obtained candidate status for joining the European Union last summer. To start negotiations, the European Commission presented 9 conditions. According to the authorities, three of these have been fully met, and one of the remaining conditions concerns judicial reform.

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