Excellent news for Moldovans living in Latvia! They will receive pensions and other social benefits

Moldovans living in Latvia can receive pensions or other social benefits. The Social Protection, Health, and Family Affairs Committee is to propose this draft law for adoption in the first reading in Parliament.

“The Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Latvia in the field of social security covers migrant workers from the Republic of Moldova who work or have worked in the territory of one or both contracting states. These are employees, self-employed workers, posted workers, staff of diplomatic missions and consular posts, etc. These persons will be entitled to several social security guarantees: old-age pension; disability pension due to general illness; pension and disability allowance due to accidents at work or occupational diseases, survivor’s pension, and death grant. According to the Agreement, each Contracting State will pay the part of the pension calculated in proportion to the period of insurance completed in its territory,” the Parliament’s statement reads.

The Republic of Moldova has concluded social security agreements with 18 countries, 16 of which are members of the European Union.


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