Faster and more secure transfers. The NBM has launched a new version of the Automated Interbank Payment System

Today, May 23, the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) launched a new version of the Automated Interbank Payment System (SAPI).

The modernization of the system included the software and hardware component of SAPI, and included the logical separation of the real-time gross settlement system (DBTR) and the net settlement system (CDN). In addition, a new possibility has been created for participants to manage liquidity limits, more advanced migration of payment messages (ISO 20022), and the replacement of the hardware platform. These changes will ensure an expected increase in system performance, says the NBM.

The new features of SAPI offer a higher degree of automation to the entire payment chain – from their initiation by the payer, to the receipt of funds by the beneficiary. The advantages of modernization are to be felt and appreciated, as well, by the users of the payment services in Moldovan lei – individuals and legal entities.

According to the concept of development of the payment field in the Republic of Moldova, the modernization of SAPI represents a first stage of the actions to be undertaken by the NBM, which will be followed by the second stage – the implementation at national level of instant payments.

The projects are oriented towards the development of the payment field in the Republic of Moldova. They aim to facilitate the modernization of payment services and to provide the financial community with a payment system that encompasses both high-performance infrastructure and modern payment instruments that would meet the needs of consumers.

SAPI was implemented in 2006 and is managed and operated by the NBM. In 2021, a total volume of 13.8 million transactions worth 1,083 billion lei was processed through SAPI, increasing both in number (9.8 percent) and in value (0.7 percent). percent) compared to 2020. The average daily volume of operations in SAPI was 54.6 thousand transactions worth 4.3 billion lei.

During 2021, the average availability of the system for participants was 99.9 percent, which illustrates the high capacity of SAPI, without interruptions or incidents, during the operating program.

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