Moldova, appreciated by the US Senate for the good management of the refugee crisis

The United States Senate has adopted a resolution praising Moldova for its “heroic” response to the large influx of refugees created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The resolution not only acknowledges the generosity of the people and the Government of Moldova, but praises the recent progress in the field of democratic reform and the rule of law and reaffirms the support of the Congress for the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the EU.

Senators Bob Menendez and Jim Risch, chairman and senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who were joined by two other colleagues, Jeanne Shaheen and Ron Johnson, are the authors of the introduction of the resolution.

In addition to encouraging pro-democracy reforms and good governance in the Republic of Moldova, the resolution urges Europe to further integrate Moldova and Ukraine into its energy architecture.

“With more than 5 million Ukrainians forced to leave the country due to the Russian invasion, the United Nations estimates that nearly 440,000 refugees have entered the Republic of Moldova since the beginning of the conflict, with more than 100,000 choosing to remain in Moldova. Despite its small size, the Moldovan government has quickly become a global leader in supporting Ukrainian refugees since Putin launched his illegal invasion, creating “green corridors” to facilitate the passage of refugees from Ukraine to Romania and other European countries”.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that Moldova must continue to be supported in order to join the EU, and the reforms carried out in the last year demonstrate the desire to change things in our country.

“As a grandfather, as a son of refugees and, above all, as an American, I am honored to lead my colleagues in introducing this bipartisan resolution to congratulate the people of Moldova for opening their hearts and homes to Ukrainians offering shelter for people forced to leave their whole lives behind. This incredible generosity not only deserves international recognition, but also strongly demonstrates Moldova’s rightful place as part of the transatlantic community. We must continue to support the international humanitarian commitment of the Republic of Moldova and the great strides over the last year to promote democratic reform and the rule of law, “said Senator Menendez.

We specify that, at present, there are over 80 thousand Ukrainian refugees in the Republic of Moldova.

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