The Government of the Republic of Moldova supports film producers

There are 46 film producers from Moldova who have the chance to realize their creative ideas with the support of the Government. The budget allocated for the competition of cinematographic projects, the 2022 session, is 7,800,000 lei.

The application stage for the competition for the best film projects, the 2022 session has ended, and 46 Moldovan filmmakers have submitted their files to the competition organized by the National Center of Cinematography, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Future Technologies Project, funded by USAID and Sweden.

The project evaluation process consists of two stages:

  1. Evaluation of the creative file and public presentation of the projects (pitching) in front of a jury composed of international experts.
  2. Technical file evaluation, applicant experience, career performance and budget.

Projects promoted in the second stage of the competition will receive additional support from the Association of Creative COR Companies, the Mediacor Center and the Future Technologies Project, funded by USAID and Sweden. Support consists of translating screenplays into English and offering three prizes for participating in international film festivals or platforms.

The process of analyzing the creative files has already started, and the presentations of the projects within the pitch will take place on June 18th – 19th, the whole session being broadcast live on the Facebook pages of the National Center of Cinematography and Innovate Moldova.

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At this year’s edition, participants will present their creative concepts, for the first time, in front of an international jury. The rules of the film project competition can be accessed here.

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