The international community is making efforts to ensure that the war does not spread to Moldova

The head of the European Union Delegation in Chisinau says that, for the time being, there are no dangers to the security of the Republic of Moldova. According to the diplomat, the opinion belongs both to the representatives of the European Union and to other international partners. At the same time, Janis Mazeiks mentioned that the entire international community is working to ensure that the war in Ukraine does not spread to the Republic of Moldova.

European diplomat Janis Mazeiks expressed regret that the entire international community failed to avoid the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine through diplomatic methods, informs

The ambassador says the European Union’s priority is to prevent the war from spreading outside Ukraine.

“There are some limits to what we can achieve through diplomatic means. The European Union has done everything possible to prevent the outbreak of war in Ukraine, and we are now working hard to ensure that this war does not enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova “, said Janis Mazeiks on JurnalTV’s “Ora Expertizei” show.

The diplomat mentioned that there are currently no concerns about the security of the Republic of Moldova, and the biggest challenge for the authorities is to manage the economic crisis generated by the war. Ambassador Janis Mazeiks says that the European Union will continue to support the Republic of Moldova through concrete projects to modernize the country and through budget support.

According to the European official, the Republic of Moldova could overcome the energy crisis, in the short term, by ensuring natural gas stocks, and in the long term, by investing in energy efficiency. The European Union will provide expertise and financial support for both areas, says the diplomat.

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