Feteasca Regală – a native variety with the highest yield per hectare – 15-20 tons of grapes

The native grape variety Feteasca Regală was discovered after 1920 in Transylvania, near Sighișoara, and it is believed to be a hybrid between Feteasca Albă and Grasa de Cotnari. It is one of the most sought-after varieties in our country, found in all regions, but the largest plantations can be found in Cahul, Hânceşti, and Leova.

“This variety falls into the category of semi-aromatic varieties, just like Chardonnay. Due to its high production, averaging 15-20 tons per hectare, it was widely spread and highly appreciated during the communist era when massive production was in demand,” says Gheorghe Nicolaescu, associate professor, Department of Horticulture, UTM.

The Feteasca Regală vine is fairly resistant to frost but sensitive to mold, and for this reason, it requires special attention, according to our expert. However, it is a variety that can produce exceptional sparkling wines.

“About the grapes, I want to tell you that it is a rare fact for a white wine variety, but it contains a high concentration of tannin in the skin, a natural preservative derived from skins, grapes, and even the wood of barrels to extend the active life of great red wines. The sugar concentration in Feteasca Regală grapes can reach over 220 grams per liter, which is 13% alcohol by volume, in warmer years,” Nicolaescu specifies.

Domestic wines made from the Feteaca Regală variety open with a floral bouquet of roses and wildflowers, as well as dried apricots or almonds.

For a glass of young Feteasca Regală, you can pair it with veal, grilled trout, dorado, shrimp, or baked hake. Stuffed grape leaves also go well. When it comes to aged Feteasca Regală in wooden barrels, it pairs perfectly with roasted chicken with vegetables, classic risotto, veal tongue, classic oven ratatouille, and the same stuffed grape leaves.

Don’t forget to consume wine responsibly, and to support local producers, choose wines made from local varieties like Feteasca Regală, Feteasca Albă, Feteasca Neagră, and Rara Neagră.

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