Over a thousand visitors celebrated “Show Must Go On” at Castel Mimi, with free wine, delicious dishes, and music

All those who chose to celebrate National Wine Day at Castel Mimi had an unforgettable atmosphere. The hosts distinguished themselves once again by the quality of the food, the service, and the highest level of event organization.

The grape juice flowed freely, filling the guests’ glasses for free, and succulent skewers sizzled on the grills. Just as Castel Mimi promotes wines made from native grape varieties, visitors could taste and take them home at a special price, cut in half.

All those interested were able to visit the cellars of the Castle and witness the traditional carpet-weaving process. Children participated in figurine painting workshops and could see with their own eyes how clay pots were shaped at a workshop organized by skilled potters. Everyone present could take photos at the photo area and enjoy the rare beauty of the place.

In addition to wine, food, and atmosphere, the “Show Must Go On” also stood out with an artistic program suitable for guests of all ages. The atmosphere at the Castle was maintained by the dance group “Strămoşeasca.” Maestro Constantin Moscovici, Artist of the People, surprised with a folk music recital on the pan flute, and Felcia Dunaff with the “Dunaff Band” invited guests to dance to Balkan rhythms.


There was a large crowd on the first day of National Wine Day at the Castel Mimi tent set up in the Great National Assembly Square, alongside those of over 90 wine producers from across the country. In search of wines made from native grape varieties at Castel Mimi, thousands of people came, tasted them, and were able to purchase them at a special price.

Among the visitors were Moldovan citizens and many foreign tourists curious to taste wines made from native grape varieties.

The hosts are also waiting for you today at the wine celebration, which this year takes place under the slogan – “Our wine conquers the world.”

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