Requests for lifting the immunity of two deputies, sent by the General Prosecutor to the Parliament

The General Prosecutor’s Office addressed four requests to the Parliament, in order to request the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy of the Șor Party, Marina Tauber, as well as the leader of the party Ilan Șor. The announcement was made today, May 19, at the beginning of the plenary session of the Parliament by the President of the Legislative Igor Grosu.

Grosu specified that four requests for the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the deputies Marina Tauber and Ilan Șor had been addressed to the Parliament.

According to the PAS deputies, Dumitru Alaiba and Radu Marian, the general prosecutor is in the plenary of the Parliament to request the lifting of the immunity of the two parliamentarians of the Șor Party.

“General Prosecutor Robu is in parliament requesting the lifting of parliamentary immunity in order to detain, arrest, search and prosecute deputies Marina Tauber and Ilan Șor,” Alaiba announced.

Marina Tauber is suspected of an offense under Article 243 (3) (a) and (b), money laundering committed by an organized criminal group or a particularly large criminal organization.

Ilan Șor is suspected of having committed a particularly large-scale scam under Article 190 (5).

The Committee on Legal Affairs, Appointments and Immunities will examine the four requests and report on them to Parliament’s plenary.

According to art. 95 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, in case the deputy has committed an offense or contravention, the Prosecutor General may request the Parliament to waive his/her immunity in order to carry out procedural measures of detention, search, arrest or prosecution. The request to waive the immunity of the Member shall be submitted separately for each offense or misdemeanor.

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