The Circus and Attorney General’s Office, included in the list of state-protected monuments

The buildings of the Circus in Chisinau, that of the former headquarters of the Ministry of Food, currently the headquarters of the General Prosecutor’s Office (PG), that of the Maternity Hospital no. 2 from the Capital with the park and the cave hermitage “Bechir’s Cave” from Soroca will be included in the Register of State Protected Monuments. A decision on granting the status of monument to these cultural-historical buildings was approved today, May 19, by the deputies, during meeting of the Parliament.

These cultural-historical assets were evaluated as monuments of exceptional value according to the criteria of rarity, uniqueness, architectural-urban value and moral value.

At the same time, the Monuments Register will be updated, by correcting the errors identified as a result of the inventory of a part of the architectural-historical fund of Chisinau municipality, carried out in 2020.

The draft decision on amending the Register of State-Protected Moldovan Monuments of the Republic of Moldova was supported by the votes of 75 deputies. The document aims to preserve the authenticity of cultural and historical assets as elements of the national cultural heritage.

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