European Parliament: The EU must urgently grant the status of candidate countries to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

In the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine, MEPs call on the EU to provide more strategic support to the Republic of Moldova in the context of its application for EU membership. MEPs adopted on Thursday, with 512 votes, the annual implementation report of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

The document shows that next to the war in Ukraine, our economy was affected by the loss of import and export opportunities and the rapid rise in energy prices, and Moldova received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees per capita, putting its public services under enormous pressure.

“The European Union must urgently grant the status of candidate countries to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. This is a message with three possible recipients. It is a message to the world that the European Union supports those with whom we share the same values ​​in a concrete, tangible and committed way. It is a message to Putin, and to all the dictators in the world, that we will remain united in the face of any aggression and will only strengthen ourselves through such actions. Above all, it is a message to the citizens of Moldova, to those who have chosen a European path, that Europe sees them, hears them and will not abandon them “, said the rapporteur Dragoș Tudorache.

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The report also notes that EU, Moldova and Georgia’s applications for EU membership open a new chapter in their European integration, which should be characterized by increased efforts to implement the Association Agreements and Free Trade Areas. While welcoming the initial progress of the current government’s ambitious reform agenda, MEPs strongly encourage the Moldovan authorities to work towards aligning the country’s legal rules with European ones, especially in the field of justice and the rule of law, and to fight corruption.

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