France donated 12 electric generators to Moldovan hospitals

Twelve hospitals in the Republic of Moldova have received electric generators, that will provide medical institutions with electricity in emergency situations. The donation, worth over 245 thousand euros, which is accompanied by the support of the technical teams of Electriciens sans Frontières, is part of the support offered to the Republic of Moldova by the French Government within the Europe Team – the European Union and the Member States – through the Mechanism of Civil Protection of the European Union.

The 12 electric generators were handed over yesterday, December 21, 2022, during a festive event attended by Lilia Gantea, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, the Ambassador of the French Republic to the Republic of Moldova, Graham Paul and the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, Jānis Mažeiks.

The donation offered through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism by the French Government comes to help the Republic of Moldova cope with the consequences of the energy crisis.

“Now, in the middle of winter, energy security is more than ever a major problem for the Republic of Moldova and its brave population. In this difficult context, France is proud to be able to contribute, through this donation of 12 generators, to strengthening the resilience of Moldovan hospitals and the health system”, said Graham Paul, the ambassador of the French Republic to the Republic of Moldova.


Humanitarian assistance will contribute to strengthening the capacities of the healthcare system of hospitals in the Republic of Moldova and to their energy resilience.

“This valuable support is offered through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which allows the Government of the Republic of Moldova to receive it faster and in a more efficient way. This is our way of expressing our solidarity with the people of the Republic of Moldova in these difficult times. This donation is the testimony of the continuous and generous support of the EU, offered in the spirit of Team Europe in the context of the war in Ukraine”, said Jānis Mažeiks, the ambassador of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova.

During the donation transmission ceremony, the secretary general of the Ministry of Health, Lilia Gantea, expressed her gratitude to the French Republic and the EU for the support offered over time and specified that such equipment is vital to hospital medical institutions.

“Being in crisis situations, when so close, in Ukraine, we have a war, as well as the risk of disconnection from electricity, these generators are essential for the activity of any medical-sanitary hospital institution. The smallest power outage can endanger the lives of patients connected to medical devices. We sincerely thank the Government of the French Republic for this donation which will contribute in the event of a power outage to ensuring the functionality of hospital institutions, as well as ensuring the safety of patients connected to vital equipment, in intensive care units and operating rooms,” said Lilia Gantea.

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