From Vineyards to Virtual Cellars: The Digital Transformation Journey of Rizov Family Winery in Taraclia

The history of the Rizov family business in Taraclia began in 2008 when its members purchased several plots of land and started cultivating vineyards, according to ZiuaDeAzi.

After more than ten years of hard work, the family managed to develop its winery and take pride in high-quality wine that meets all international standards. The founder of the winery is Serghei Rizov, 46 years old.

“We have our vineyards and mostly cultivate varieties for red wine. We are currently investing in modern winemaking, and developing our brand – Familia Vinarna RIZOV. We are also members of the Association of Small Wine Producers and the regional winemaking cluster in Cahul,” says the winemaker.

To expand the business, last year the entrepreneur decided to apply to the Digital Impact program, part of the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul project.

After completing all the program stages, Serghei Rizov obtained a grant, allowing him to establish a digital wine cellar, a unique project in the Republic of Moldova.

“Implementing the Digital Wine Cellar project required a total investment of 690 thousand lei. The uniqueness of this digital cellar lies in the ability to conduct tastings, evaluate, and purchase wines using the mobile app and website. The most significant advantage is the ability to store wines in the cellar with continuous monitoring of storage conditions: temperature, humidity, or light,” mentions the entrepreneur.

According to Serghei, the purpose of creating this digital cellar is to expand their customer base and develop the wine consumption culture in the Republic of Moldova.

“Today, we launch our Ad Platform! 29th of December 2023 “This technical solution allows wine enthusiasts to buy wines immediately after production, store them properly, and consume them at their peak development. It’s a kind of investment in high-quality wines with development potential,” said the winemaker.

The entrepreneur states that projects like Startup City Cahul play a crucial role in the development of the southern region of the country.

“I am very pleased that there are such projects that allow us to implement our ideas, including in terms of digitization,” emphasized Serghei Rizov.

The Digital Impact program for Cahul is implemented by Startup Moldova from 2022 to 2024 and is part of the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul Project, funded by the European Union, Sweden, and implemented by ATIC.

The program’s objectives include supporting the development of digital and innovative startups in the Cahul region.

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