Germany will provide financial support to Moldova for €49 million: what will the money be spent on?

Germany will provide our country with gratuitous assistance for 38.7 million euros to finance the project: “Eco-energy production and energy efficiency.”

Also, due to the increase in prices for building materials, the Republic of Moldova will receive 10 million euros to replenish the budget of the project “Water Supply and Sanitation in the area of ​​Cahul II.” In this regard, the government approved a bilateral agreement with the executive branch of Germany.

“The main beneficiaries of the project “Green Energy Production and Energy Efficiency” are social institutions of local/municipal importance – kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings. Due to the age of buildings and the lack of investment in energy efficiency works, the real estate sector has a low energy performance.”

The project, implemented by the Ministry of Energy with the support of the Energy Efficiency Agency, aims to improve the internal comfort of buildings, reduce energy consumption by at least 30% and, at the same time, reduce CO2 emissions.

Beneficiaries selected through calls for proposals will receive loans with a grant component for energy efficiency work, and projects selected for funding will be completed by the end of 2027.

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