Good harvest of corn in a time of drought! It is twice the national average

The drought was not an obstacle for the Research Institute for Field Crops “Selecția”, which this year will obtain a harvest of up to 5-6 tons per hectare of corn from non-irrigated lands, compared to the average, which is 2-3 times smaller.

These results are due, first of all, to the rotation – the composition of the crops in the rotation, the forerunner, as well as the application of organic fertilizers.

At the same time, it is due to the long-term field experience focused on organic farming. This means that there were no mineral fertilizers and chemical preparations to combat diseases, pests and weeds. Also, no plowing with a row plow was applied, the condition of the corn is considerably better.


“At the same time, it was found that where mineral fertilizers were administered, they had a negative effect, because they contributed to the increase of the air mass, which in the conditions of the lack of moisture could not meet its water needs and, consequently , the plants withered”, announces the Research Institute for Field Crops “Selecția”.

One of the factors that affected the productivity of agricultural crops this year, apart from the drought, was the excessive temperatures, which caused physiological stress to the plants and which would have led to a decrease in the harvest even if there had been moisture.

In general, the yield of maize obtained this year at the ICCC “Selection” is about two times less than in ordinary years. The technological recommendations of the ICCC “Selection” specialists in the conditions of climate change concern the observance of crop rotation, the application of organic fertilizers, the inclusion of perennial grasses in the crop rotation, the use of green fertilizers, but also the limitation of plowing with a plow.

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