Good news! Moldovan transporters will move freely within the EU until December 2025

Infrastructure and Regional Development Minister Andrei Spinu and Kristian Schmidt, Director for Road Transport at the European Commission, convened to sign the extension of the Agreement on road transport of goods between Moldova and the European Union. This pivotal Agreement signifies unimpeded movement for Moldovan goods carriers into the European Union until at least December 2025, abolishing the need for authorizations.

Minister Spinu highlighted the tangible benefits of this extension, emphasizing the elimination of bureaucratic hurdles for Moldovan carriers within the EU, the anticipated surge in both exports and imports with the EU, the assurance of a secure and steady commercial market within Europe for Moldova, and Moldova’s role as a strategic partner alongside Ukraine in the reconstruction efforts of the latter. Furthermore, he underscored the streamlining of logistics chains, promising enhanced efficiency.

Statistical evidence corroborates the positive impact of this Agreement, with a notable 15% uptick in goods transport services between Moldova and the EU since 2023. Notably, exports to EU member states surged from $530.8 million in July-September 2022 to $675.1 million during the same period in 2023, reflecting the burgeoning trade relationship between Moldova and the EU.


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