Grants for SMEs funded by the Moldovan Government and the EU. Find out who are the beneficiaries

June 27 marks the first National Entrepreneurs’ Day. There are around 60,000 businesses in Moldova, employing more than 610,000 people, more than 70% of the country’s workforce. In the last two years alone, the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development, funded by the Moldovan Government and the European Union, has supported more than 8,300 entrepreneurs through its programs.

At the start of the event organized by ODA, Dumitru Alaiba, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization, underlined the significant importance of entrepreneurs in society and assured continued support for their success.

“We will continue to be by your side, we will help you to make a successful business, we will help you to conquer new markets. Through ODA, we have mobilized investments of over 4 billion lei in the economy. We will develop the economy thanks to you. Since last autumn, through the 373 Program, we have mobilized investments in the real economy. It means that each of you has contributed to this process to the tune of over 1.8 billion lei. It is money that is already working for the economy.” Dumitru Alaiba said.


One of the most eagerly awaited moments of the day was the announcement of the winners of grants through the programs of the Entrepreneurship Development Organization.

Women Entrepreneurship Support Program:

Olesea Plugaru, Carmangeria Barda
Chiorescu Gorea Ana – Individual Enterprise
SRL Michelle Cakes – Stratan Mihaela
Chiorsac Mihaela – Accounting Consulting Services
Guzun Olga – Today Consulting
Pushcashu Tamara – L&A COSMETIC CO
Eximprod-Trade – Moraru Victoria
Altebo Impact SRL – Amarfii-Railean Nelli
Bega Olga – Individual Enterprise

Youth Start Program:

Loctonov Dmitri

PARE 1+2 Program:

Gavrilitsa Nicolae – Individual Enterprise
Rosca Ion – Commercial company Biogroup SRL
Rachitseanu Nicolae – Merconcord Commercial Company

Digital Development Program:

Cernogal Gheorghe Cernogal Gheorghe – Peasant Farm
Ciobanu Vera – SRL Moreller
Bereganova Elena – SRL Motogroup Service
Bogancea Dumitru – SRL BOGATMOS

Internationalization Program:

Mihail Cracan
Sergiu Malai

As a reminder, on Thursday, at Digital Park, ODA organized an event to promote entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova and emphasize the importance of entrepreneurs in the national economy.

ODA (Organization for Development of Entrepreneurship) is a public institution under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova. Their mission is to support the development of the local entrepreneurial environment, including small and medium-sized enterprises.

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