Grosu: “Any self-respecting state is obliged to have an army”

Igor Grosu also says that social issues, the energy crisis and issues aimed at strengthening the country’s defense capabilities are a priority on the government’s agenda.

The head of the Legislature says that a priority for the current government is to strengthen its defense capabilities. In the context of the regional security crisis, equipping the National Army with modern equipment is imperative.

“The Republic of Moldova will benefit from 40 million euros for strengthening defense capabilities. After the invasion of Ukraine, all countries, large, small, neutral, reconsidered their priorities and invested in defense. Any self-respecting state, neutral or part of a bloc, is obliged to take care of its own security, to have an army. The rule that you have as much security as you invest in it works perfectly. Yes, we have partners who hope to help us in complicated situations, but our partners are also wondering if the state itself is strengthening its defense capabilities. Over time, no investment was made, the army was a Cinderella. So far, the focus has been on social issues. Now we have to think about defensive capabilities. We need to think about what kind of defensive weapons we need. And yes, we will do that, “he said.

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