Natalia Gavrilița talked with her Portuguese counterpart

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița had a morning discussion with the Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic, Antonio Costa. The officials spoke about the situation in the Republic of Moldova, in the context of the latest developments in Ukraine and the efforts of the authorities to strengthen resilience in view of the current challenges, the Government announced in a press release.

The Chief Executive of Chisinau appreciated the humanitarian aid of Portugal in managing the refugee crisis and mentioned that the support of the international community will allow solving the difficulties on each sector, as well as achieving the key objectives for the development of the Republic of Moldova. According to the Prime Minister, the actions of the Executive are currently focused on maintaining the country’s economic and financial stability, ensuring food security, expanding the range of Moldovan products exported to the EU market and liberalizing transport.

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In this context, the Prime Minister referred to the European perspective of our country and the importance of obtaining the status of a candidate country.

“In addition to ensuring a safe socio-economic climate for our citizens, we focus on the reform agenda and the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the family of the European Union. We rely on Portugal’s support in the process of European integration of our country “, said Natalia Gavrilița.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa praised the efforts of the Chisinau Executive in recent months to reform the country and mentioned in particular the large diaspora of Moldovans that is respected and appreciated by Portuguese society, which contributes to promoting a good image of the country.

The parties agreed to intensify bilateral cooperation between the two countries and to share Portugal’s good practice and European integration experience.

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