Gutul replied to Mazeiks: You represent the EU, not a political fraction

After Janis Mazeiks said in the RLIVE TV studio that she would not meet Yevgeny Gutul because she has linked “with a criminal,” the Bashkan of Gagauzia reacted and told her that she “represents the European Union, not a political faction.” According to the governor of the autonomy, the region is ready to cooperate with the EU.

“EU Ambassador Mazeiks, who accused me of links with Ilan Shor, forgot that the people of Gagauzia entrusted me and my team with the administration of the region. By criticizing me, you are also criticizing all those who supported our vision in free and democratic elections,” says Gutul.

The Comrat official also complained about alleged attacks by Maia Sandu, invoking “anti-Gagauzia policies.” According to them, the region is ready to work with the EU if members of the community have a “sincere interest.”


“We aim to remind you of your role as a representative of the European Union, not of a political faction,” Gutul added.

On 23 February, Ambassador Janis Mazeiks declared on the TV program “Realitatea te privește” that “it is impossible for us to have a dialogue with a Bashkan until it is clear that he is not linked to a criminal.”

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