Geoana, on the annexation of Transnistria to Russia: announce what might happen on February 28 in the region

If Russia decides to annex Transnistria, NATO will condemn such actions and will continue to support the Republic of Moldova, says North Atlantic Alliance Deputy Head Mircea Geoana. According to the official, Putin previously had a plan to “catch Ukraine in the vise,” including through the separatist area of Moldova, but currently has no power to do so.

“If we look back, so-called referendums have been held in Transnistria, Ossetia, Abkhazia, in Georgia, they are completely invalid from an international point of view. What I understand will happen is more likely to be the announcement of new trade agreements between Russia and Transnistria. The referendum happened several years ago,” Geoana said in an interview with ProTV.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General also said that Moldova is an important country, but he is convinced that Ukraine will resist and that militarily it is currently not possible for Romania and NATO to have a border with Ukraine.


At the same time, Geoana referred to the elections to be held in several countries of the world, hinting that Moscow might be involved in their conduct.

It should be recalled that in the last week, there have been discussions about the possibility of Tiraspol applying for Russian membership on 28 February. Chisinau and Kyiv say they have no information about such intentions.

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