Heaven on Earth: Village of Căplani Transforms a Fountain into a Cultural Paradise

The residents of Căplani village have brought heaven to Earth with their astonishing transformation of a nearby fountain into a hub of history and cultural heritage. Aptly named the “Gates of Heaven,” this natural haven has become a beloved sanctuary for villagers and tourists alike over the past two years. With lush green parks, benches, bubbling springs, and a children’s playground, it’s a paradise in the heart of nature, as described by Studio-L.

The people of Căplani, Ștefan Vodă, have created their own little corner of paradise. On the outskirts of the village, nestled next to a forest, flows a rock face boasting a remarkable collection of 20 springs. This place had been neglected for years, until just before the discovery of the coronavirus, when the locals decided to renovate it.

One of the most awe-inspiring springs is the “Monk’s Spring.” According to a local woman, it is a divine place where people’s prayers are heard. The community has constructed a monk’s throne for prayer, and towers, and even improvised a fortress. They have also installed swings, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from the village.


Tourists visiting Căplani’s heavenly haven can delve into the village’s captivating history, once occupied by the Turks, directly from the knowledgeable locals who also happen to be talented actors. Visitors are enchanted by the performances of the villagers and, on top of that, get to savor traditional local dishes, such as the renowned “Bride’s Pie,” which they describe as an absolute delight. In the Gates of Heaven in Căplani, there is also a children’s playground and a refreshing spring-water pool for tourists to bathe in, all free of charge.

Step into Căplani’s enchanting paradise and be transported to a world where nature, history, and cultural traditions converge. Don’t miss your chance to experience this heavenly escape, lovingly created by the residents themselves.

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