(photo) What gifts did Moldova offer to the European delegations that participated in the Summit?

Official European delegations participating in the European Political Community Summit received a ceremonial gift from the Republic of Moldova. These gifts were painted wine-themed paintings.

The artist chosen by the presidency of the Republic of Moldova to paint the paintings is Eugen Gorean. For these works, he used traditional wine varieties such as Feteasca Neagra and Rara Neagra. The paintings were framed and placed in special boxes, with a label on the back.

"The big challenge was to paint these 50 paintings in just 10 days, so I started working quickly, without much sleep. I made sure to use a 100% cotton paper support to better preserve the wine pigment. The main subjects addressed were the national port, dance, the Moldovan landscape, and Chișinău."
"I was honored to work on these paintings, which convey and share our traditions and colors, our culture, and our love for the land," stated Eugen Gorean.

Below are a few of the paintings that were gifted to the European delegations.


Photo source: Eugen Gorean

On June 1st, the second Summit of the European Political Community took place in the Republic of Moldova. Over 40 presidents, prime ministers, and high-ranking officials from the EU visited our country. Moldova’s objective within the summit is to strengthen its role in the “family of European states,” and the topics on Moldova’s agenda include peace and security.

The first Summit of the European Political Community took place on October 6th, 2022, in Prague and was established in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It serves as a platform that brings together European leaders with the aim of discussing and identifying solutions to Europe’s most urgent issues, such as security, stability, and energy resilience.

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