Moldova’s Historic Summit Paves the Way for EU Aspirations

In an unprecedented declaration made during a press conference today, the head of state, Maia Sandu, announced that on June 1st, Europe came home to confirm the importance of the Republic of Moldova and to support the aspirations of its citizens in bringing the European Union closer to their homeland, writes MOLDPRES.

Emphasizing that the country made history on June 1st, Maia Sandu remarked, “This event did not come about by luck but through our unwavering belief in success. The summit positioned the Republic of Moldova at the center of Europe and demonstrated that we, Moldovans, can accomplish anything we set our minds to. I am grateful to all those who participated in organizing this event. We showcased our highly skilled professionals. The summit proved that the Republic of Moldova is a respected partner by all European countries. Hosting the summit is a clear signal that our country is important to the EU and that our voice matters. In a short period, we have managed to improve the image of our country, which is perceived as a future EU member. During the event, we received powerful diplomatic messages that the Republic of Moldova is not alone, our partners stand with us.”


The head of state also highlighted that the country is undertaking a series of actions with the support of the European Union, which were confirmed during the Community of European Politics (CPE) Summit. These actions include the modernization of the military and defense capabilities, reduction of roaming tariffs with EU countries starting from January 1, 2024, strengthening cybersecurity, construction of the Cosăuți-Iampoli bridge, increased investments from the EU, and financial support for gas procurement.

“The Community of European Politics was created in 2022, at the initiative of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. It represents a platform for dialogue where European leaders gather twice a year to discuss major issues, such as the war in Ukraine and peace restoration. We all desire a future where Moldovan children are safe. The country’s accession to the EU is drawing closer and it brings concrete benefits to the people. Our voice matters, and our European path is supported by our partners. We have a clear direction and we aim to initiate negotiations for EU accession as soon as possible. We want to build a European Moldova at home. We are on the right path, and I am confident we will succeed,” affirmed Maia Sandu.

On June 1st, the Republic of Moldova hosted the CPE Summit, which brought together 49 heads of state, prime ministers, and senior European officials. The summit marked a historic milestone for Moldova, underscoring its growing importance and the recognition of its role in the European arena.

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